"Jerry is an experienced instructor who is always calm and patient"

Julie Hart

Review from our Facebook page on 06-25-19

" had an AMAZING experience with SRT!
Just wanted to say that I had a great time and learned so much from Jerry. He did a great job with instruction as well as being personable and all of my answering questions. Personalizing the training to my needs was essential in this case a Specific DOS qualification, he paid close attention to the details. We practiced the timings and he worked my sight picture, sight alignment but in the end the best advice he gave me was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast and front site front site front site”. This is an excellent company to choose for any type of weapons training, or any type of shooter; beginner or intermediate, Jerry and his wife Maria are a joy to work with and will always be my first recommendation. I was thrilled when I passed my qualification this week could not have done it without SRT!"

Hailey Wilkinson League

Review from our SRT FaceBook page

05-03-2020 "Thank you Jerry and Maria for your excellent course and training. Your course and its focus on safety and law is simply the best and exactly what we were wanting. Your focus on respect for others, the law, and the weapon is so needed at this time. Thank you for your expert guidance in holding the gun and being proficient in its use and aim. You two are a fabulous team and we are lucky to have found you!! Bob and Marti Kessack

Most recent review from our SRT FaceBook Page

"I took the class today & it was the best thing I could of done for myself!! Jerry is extremely knowledgeable about the laws in the State of Florida pertaining to firearms & made me very comfortable around a gun. He helped me with my shooting & the fact that the class is one on one is unbeatable!! If you want to learn how to safely use a gun & understand the responsibility that goes along with it, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND SRT to ANYONE that is thinking about it! OUTSTANDING!"

Bonnie Beeson Layfield

Review from our SRT FaceBook page

"I had an absolute wonderful experience when i took a class through SRT. Jerry and his wife did an amazing job at balancing teaching the material and making you feel comfortable. Jerrys real life examples of the statutes make them clear and easy to understand. He encouraged my questions and never once made me feel ill educated or intimidated. I feel completely confident in my knowledge of the FL statutes pertaining to carrying a firearm after taking this class. i highly recommend taking it!!! Thanks SRT!!!

Angela Christine Smith

Review from our SRT Facebook page

"Thank you Jerry and Maria! I had an awesome experience attending your Conceal Carry class. The information was informative and delivered in a way that was not boring. All questions were welcomed and answered. Everyone is made to feel comfortable throughout the class. Thanks again" 

Donna Flanagan

Review from our SRT FaceBook page

"Jerry and Maria were awesome. The instructors made everyone feel comfortable and made the class fun. thank you two so much"

Anthony Esposito

Review from our SRT FaceBook page

I participated in the SRT CCW class today. Jerry knows and shares the material with just enough humor to keep the class engaged. it was a great experience. Many thanks to the Whiteheads.

Jim Harker

Review from our SRT FaceBook Page

"Today my daughter attended the SRT CCW class in St. Augustine. The instruction offered by SRT was outstanding. All critical areas of being a responsible firearms owner were covered. She learned about state and federal laws, firearms safety, and practical application with state of the art firearms training equipment. Thank you Jerry & Maria Whitehead for offering this course. It far exceeded our expectations. We will be reffering our family and friends."

Dorrie Miller

​Review from our  SRT Facebook page

"Awesome time with great information!!! I will definitely spread the word about y'all!!! Thank you so much!"

Nicole Protami

Review from our SRT Facebook page

"Thank you Jerry and Maria for a great class! Jerry is very knowledgeable and makes the class enjoyable due to his style of training. I learned a lot and highly recommend!" 

​09-30-17 class Rich Telo

Review from our SRT FB page



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